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Hello Dear one,


I am Siridyal and I look forward to meeting you and serving you at my women's clinic in the Boston area.

Understanding that we all experience events in life that can affect our system, our psyche, our body and our mind, I also beleive that we can find some sort of relief in it. Each in her own way, and also in her own time. Healing takes place when there is space, time, and the recognition that what that comes up may actually be seen, heard and felt. Whatever it is that calls for that recognition, or that listening ear, with the work we do through Integral Pelvic Therapy® (IPT®)  and conscious embodied touch, a new flow and movement can be released that is able to initiate different layers of transformation.


Unfortunately, a lot of women have feelings of shame, fear and valid concerns towards their pelvic area. When things “down there” aren’t functioning the way you’d like, it can feel uncomfortable to bring this up. During a dinner party, most of us feel ok sharing about their headaches or their sore back, but when it comes to sharing about a painful vagina, unwanted urine loss, or lack of sex-drive, we keep it often to ourselves. And often it is not easy to find the right professional help either. This is where IPT® comes in. IPT® offers the bridge between the medical world and holistict world, seeing the woman as a whole and having the skill set as well to work with the pelvis in a safe and consensual way. 


For me, this work is actually the puzzle piece that I missed in my 20-year Healing Practice. I wanted something that REALLY went to the Core of our being and could REALLY help with the cause and thus heal and transform it. And with all my Heart I can tell you, IPT® works exactly on this!! So many women are regaining their strength, feeling that primal essence of themselves, and it comes all the way from their core. I really hope you take a moment to feel deeply and see if this work appeals to you. For me, the training and this work completely changed my life. I hope and wish this for you too! <3 Lots of love!

Below some more information about my background and education:

in addition to being a certified IPT® Practioner, I am also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher level 1 & 2, certified Reiki Healer Level 1 & 2, a certified Sat Nam Rasayan Healer Level 1 & 2 and a certified masseuse. I have also done a training on working with PTSD from a yogic point of view, as well as a level 2 Kundalini Yoga training on conscious communication, stress and vitality and conscious relationships. I am also very much versed in healthy diets, supplements and remedies and so I know I can support you in a holistic and effective way should you want that. 


What is IPT®?

IPT® is a safe and accessible therapeutic form of bodywork, specifically designed for women. It heals, restores balance and awakens the powerful feminine wisdom that lives in every woman. Integral Pelvic Therapy® is designed to help you to restore the natural balance in your pelvis, as IPT® sessions increase the cellular flow in your pelvic bowl via specific fascia release massage techniques. This improves the pelvic muscular health, strength and vitality. These pelvic massages, (which a women can receive externally and if she wants also internally) help to release long held tension and triggerpoints. By working with triggerpoints, scar tissue and held emotions (such as grief, shame, anger, fear) we can help re-establish a healthy balanced pelvic floor, enabling the pelvic muscles to enhance their function and so balance your whole core structural support, as well as your emotional health. 


The IPT® training I took in The Netherlands has been created by Daphne van de Putten (an holistic and clinical midwife), and Mariette Frits (Body Stress Release therapist). This was a 9 months training where we went indepth into the anatomy of the female body, and in particular that of the female pelvic bowl. We were extensively taught on numerous aspects such as the effect of trauma in the pelvic bowl, deep embodied consent, physical, emotional and psychological patterns, as well as the many conditions/disorders/ailments/complaints women may be troubled with. During our training we included teachings from Peter Levine and Bessel van der Kolk on the effects of trauma on the body and psyche. We also touched on Tami Lynns Kent teachings, founder Holistic Pelvic Care TM, regarding pelvic/ovary/womb wisdom and their energetic/emotional messages. And I did my final thesis on the connection of Dissociation and Shame due to Trauma a person may have experienced.   

It is safe to say, that all women that I have worked with experienced a profound re-connect with themselves and their Pelvis. The power that lies there is truly phenomenal, and once a Woman decides to live from her Sacred Center, quite a lot of things start to change for her on many levels.  

 So, what can IPT® help you with:

  • Relieving menstrual / PMS pain and sp being able to start enjoying your period again.

  • Help to reduce or eliminate pain during sex and so improve your sex life. Because this should give you pleasure! 

  • Deeply connect with your uterus and ovaries  (even if the organs aren't physically there, the organ's energy never goes away).

  • Relieve/heal pain in your vulva / vagina (also after birth)

  • Experiencing relief from / Transforming trauma from (sexual) abuse / accidents and also traumatic birthexperiences.

  • Relieve or heal frequent urinary tract or bladder infections and/or yeast infections.

  • Relieve/heal low back pain or pelvic pain (such as vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, dyspareunia, chronic pelvic pain syndrome).

  • The loosening of fascia limitations due to scar tissue and/or pain after surgery (birth, caesarean section, etc.) so that a flow and vitality can be experienced again and often also (less) or no more pain.

  • Letting go and transforming heavy emotions, painful triggers and trauma that got stuck in the pelvis and thus regaining and trusting your own strength and body again. 

  • Maybe you feel stressed, tense or tired and have little energy, IPT can help you can feel more energized as well.

  • Jaw problems (which are often related to pelvic problems and vice versa) and learning to relax them. (And also letting go of heavy emotions in relation to your jaws, which is often repressed anger or frustration)

  • And finding your deep reconnection with your Self and your pelvic bowl and learning to indicate your limits.

  • And also experience your Life Force / Sexual energy in a whole new way and becoming more aware of it.

IPT® and Embodied Consent:

These massages can touch many layers of your being, not just physical, but also emotional, spiritual and mental. It is therefor expected that 'stuff may come up'.  So it is VERY important we work with Embodied Consent. This means that you, as a client feel a full “yes” in your head, your heart and your body. So often in our lives we have “allowed” touch or physical handling that was not 100% within our consent. During an IPT session you will experience time after time what it is like to actually be “in control” of what is happening to you. This is truly one of the hallmarks of the way Integral Pelvic Therapy® really really stands out.  And this alone is a very empowering experience and will have you be in full charge of what happens to you and your body during our session together.  This proces of experiencing this full embodied consent is very healing and you so will (re)learn to establish healthy boundaries, which so often we've forgotten where those lie to begin with.


IPT® works on several layers: 
1. Physical Layer: we work with fascia stretching and with triggerpoints can be released so allowing more bloodflow and new release of energy
2. Emotional Layer: We store emotions in our cells, in our body. And with this work, they can be released.
3. Energetic Layer: We are not just the body. We are so much more. Energy is everwhere, and when moving this energy, you can feel a lot of release, a feeling of "lighter" more "fuller". A lot of women come of the table with a beautiful soft glow :) 
4. Spiritual Layer: Since we are all connected, sometimes certain family pattern, or habits are stuck in our system, and with Pelvic Balancing we can let them go, integrate and feel lighter.

Intake, Sessions and Investment in your Pelvic Health:

Feel free to call me for a 15 min phone call, free of charge.  There is always an intake (about 1-1.5 hours long) before our first session where you receive the intake form as well. This way we can go over any (medical) issues you may have, and together we can then make an informed deciscion on how to proceed, what your wishes are for receiving the session, and really make sure this is the right approacht for you. After our intake, we schedule our first session. 

Intake: $90  (around 1 to 1.5 uur) 

First IPT® Sessions: $ 225 (2 hours)

Follow Up Session:

All IPT® follow up sessions are $ 200 per session


Yoni Steams are incredibly good for women and also a great way to relax your pelvic floor and connect with your pelvis in a really really soft and healing way. Your Yoni and Vagina clean themselves in a natural way, but it is still very nice and supportive to do a steam once or twice a month for nourishing the membrane of the wall of the womb, release old menstrual blood and restore the natural pH in your vagina, and many more benefits. 


Yoni Steaming is a really lovely way to relax, let go, release and allowing your yoni, vagina and pelvic floor muscles to unwind and relax. I will set the space for you before hand and create a feeling of Sacred Ceremony. We'll have an altar where you also can bring something to put on it and we will bless the steam, your session and the altar together as well.  Before we start with the steam, we will do a womb journey together, or a guided meditation, and we can talk about what is on your mind, your hearts wish,  and so set the intent for your Yoni Steam. The Yoni steam itself last for about 20 - 30 minutes, or until you feel you've had enough, and then you can  lay down and relax more. I usually feel so relaxed after, that I need to allow my body some integration time.  You can also purchase some herbs from me for your own session at home. 


Disclaimer: I am not a herbalist. And even though I have worked with some basic herbs and homeopathics my whole life, I am not a specialized herbalist, nor do I claim to be one, but I know a few basic herbal combinations that can be good for certain ailments. As always, consult your physician or dr for more direction if need be. 

And do NOT Yoni Steam after your ovulation if you are trying to become pregnant!

Feel free to email me if you'd like to know more about benefits and contraindications.

Cost: $ 75 - 1.5 hour 


I teach Women's Yoga and Meditation, where I focus on tuning in with our bodies, our breath, our pelvic bowl, our jaws, and find a way to dive into our Being. These classes are an opportunity for you to slow down. To feel what you and your body need and to allow yourself to find the pace that soothes you, your body and your nervous system. I am very much into Sisterhood and my classes are geared towards bringing women together. You don't have to be physically together to feel connected! We as women have a great way of uplifting each other and ourselves when we gather in circle. Magic often is effortlessly produced! 

These classes can be attended also via Zoom. Send me an email if you want to be included and I can send you a tikkie/venmo link. . 


* Yoga Classes:

Every Saturday morning at 10 am on Zoom.

Womb Wisdom & Cycle Synching

One of the things that truly spark my interest and my continued effort in the work I do with Women, is the womb and ovary Wisdom every woman has. Sometimes women say "I had a hysterectomy, or removal of my ovaries, can I still connect with them?" YES! Just because the actual organ is no longer there, the Energy Imprint is VERY much still present. So yes, you can definitely connect. And also women whom have had a sexual transition, they can connect with the Gaia Womb energy within themselves now also. It is all Energy! And for women, the Creative Energy, also known as Kundalini Energy, lies at the root of her uterus, IN her cervix! When I heard this my heart jumped! This Kundalini Energy is our Creative Life Force Energy, so it makes total sense that our Womb holds our Creative Fire and all we manifest. 

My favorite book on this topic is by Tami Lynn Kent, author of The Wild Feminine. A book I highly recommend to any woman who wants to explore her Womb, Ovary and Pelvic Wisdom, including self massages (see below).


The other books I recommend are Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and The Tao Tantric Arts for Women by Minke De Vos and "Womb Awakening" -  Bernard and Seren Azra. See my list of recources below also. 

And there there is the Cycle Synching Method, created by Alisa Vitti! Cycle Synching is a wonderful tool for your health and healing in general and also for PMS, fertility, Healthy cycles, etc. The book is Flo Living by Alisa Vitti, and if you have diagnosed issues (endo, fibroids, low libido, etc) get the book by her called Woman Code

On a healing note: If you suffer from pcos, fibroids, endometriosis, inflammation of the uterus IPT is extremely helpful and I also found an herbal tea combo that can support you in combination with castor oil packs. Let's talk about what could help you.

Self Massages
A wonderful way to love, support, heal and connect with yourself is by doing your own Yoni/Vagina Self Massages. I recommend you get the book Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent, founder of Holistic Pelvic CareTM from the USA, where she explains how to give these to yourself and also the book contains wonderful journeys and excercises you can do yourself. When you have received a treatment from me, you will also be more capable of doing them yourself, plus I can give you a handout as well. 
Benefits of IPT® Sessions and  Self Massages are: 
  • Deeper connection with yourself and very grounding and relaxing.
  • Learning about what you feel on a deeper more conscious level
  • Understanding the anatomy of your Yoni, Vagina, pelvis
  • Bringing Consciousness to an area that you may not be so close with
  • Increasing Cellular blood flow by stretching the fascia and so also
  • Rejuvenating and toning of your Vaginal Muscles and again, relaxing and toning the Pelvis
  • Helping with trigger points that may be present
  • Releasing of (long) held emotions or patterns
  • Receiving Wisdom from your Pelvic Bowl   
In summary:
It improves your overall pelvic muscular health, strength, and vitality, enabling these muscles to enhance their function as your core structural support. This can also increase your sensations and muscular tone in your vagina, as well as enhance sexual arousal and enjoyment.
With our IPT® sessions we work with these aspects as well. We can encounter any feeling when we work on your Pelvis and it is normal to have a range of emotions visit you. This is normal and to be expected and we very much welcome it. 
I often give Yoni/Vagina Self Massage as homework as it not only integrates our sessions together, but as said, it increases your Pelvic Self Awareness even more. I email you a handout after our session with your Pelvic "How to Self Massage" guidelines :) 

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For more information on finding an Integral Pelvic Therapist  in the Netherlands, visit: https://www.integralpelvictherapy.com

I am a member of the Integral Pelvic Therapy Association #2010 (IPTA), NIBIG #730178 and the Kundalini Yoga Nederland (KYN). 

I am a certified Integral Pelvic Therapy® Practitioner

I am a certified KRI® Kundalini Yoga Teacher

I am a certified Level I & II Sat Nam Rasayan ® Healer

I am a certified Level I & II Reiki® Healer

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Here I have listed books services whom I think can be helpful/beneficial to any Woman if she were to need it, anywhere in the Netherlands. Please email me at siridyalkaur@gmail.com if you can recommend other women whom we as women should know about that do great body/healing/support work!


  •   "Womb Awakening" -  Bernard and Seren Azra 

  • Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore

  • The Wild Feminine, Tammy Lynn Kent, PT (Ovary, Womb Wisdom and Self Massage and how to heal the 5 heavy emotions of Shame, Anger, Guilt, Fear and Grief)

  • "What your doctor did NOT tell you aout hormones"- Dr. John Lee

  • "Slow Sex", Diane Richardson

  • "Tantric Sex for Menopause" - Diane Richardson

  • "Tantra"-  Margot Anand

  • "She who runs with the wolves" - Pincola Estes

  • ​"Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom", Dr. Christiane Northrup MD (Holistic and medical approach to female issues)

  • "Women's Code" (for diagnosed issues such as infertility, endometriosis, libido issues or other and using your Cycle to heal these)  or "In the FLO Living" (for women whom have (fairly) regular periods and want to increase the health benefits from Cycle Synching), Alisa Vita (food/excersise/lifestyle synching with your period)

  • The Vagina Bible (Great book on your Vagina!)

  • Waking the Tiger, Peter Levine. (Trauma Specialist, excersise and a world of wisdom into Trauma)


Helping a Sister in need of an IPT session: 

I feel it is important to give in Live. We are not all blessed with the capacity to give ourselves the Self Care we need and deserve. So if you feel you can donate any amount to "Giving to a Sister" feel free to do so!

Leave a tip after your session in the jar! 

Thank you for considering supporting other Sisters as well! 

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