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Hello Dear One,

My name is Esther, and I want to welcome you to my work and website where I will be sharing about

Integral Pelvic Therapy® (IPT®) and why it is such a wonderful addition to Womens' Health & Healing and a way to really get in touch with yourself and your body.

IPT® often becomes the bridge  between the medical world and holistic world where women 'who have tried it all' find us and often we can be that 'missing link'. We see you as a whole complete Being, and we have the skill set as an IPT® practitioner to work with your pelvis in a safe and absolute consensual way. We hear you, see you and will connect with you how you want and how your body wants. This alone creates a deep feeling of safety, and so healing and rediscovering yourself can take place. 

Please read the section on IPT®, so you understand how and when we schedule our session together, which is always after an intake. 

Until we meet, with Love, 

Esther  Crystal  

Below some more information about my background and education:

In addition to being a certified IPT® Practioner, I am also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher level 1 & 2, certified Reiki Healer Level 1 & 2. I also received my massage practioner liscence in Santa Monica, CA.  I have also done a training on working with PTSD from a yogic point of view, as well as a level 2 Kundalini Yoga training on conscious communication, stress and vitality and conscious relationships. I am also very much versed in healthy diets, supplements and remedies and so I know I can support you in a holistic and effective way should you desire that. I can also make you Pelvic Yoni Massage Oils, and we can put together Yoni Steam herbal blands fit to your specific needs. 


What is IPT®?

IPT® is a safe and accessible therapeutic form of bodywork, specifically designed for Women and anyone  that has a vulva/yoni/vagina or neo-cervix:  IPT® is a complementary, holistic, body-oriented therapy that aims to restore health and natural balance in the pelvis. IPT® sessions increase the cellular flow in your pelvic bowl via specific fascia and triggerpoint release techniques (which we can apply externally on the vulva or/and internally in the vagina/pelvic floor) which will improve your pelvic muscular health, strength and overall vitality.  

IPT® can be beneficial if you experience: 

  • Heavy PMS

  • Numb feeling or pain during sex ​

  • Insensitivity in/or around the pelvis

  • Chronic bladder infections

  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (Vulvodynia, Vestibulodynia, Vaginismus, Dyspareunia)

  • Sexual trauma/Birthing Trauma/Trauma after an accident/surgery/any violation of your boundaries

  • Organ prolapse (which can be addressed and sometimes healed depending on the degree or prolapse)

  • Fascia limitations *due to scar tissue in and around the pelvic area (also belly birth scars))

  • Jaw problems/Teeth Grinding/Pain in jaw

IPT® supports you towards: 

  • Reconnecting with your pelvis and the sensations that live there

  • A feeling of spacioussness in your body especially in your pelvis

  • Reducing pain, numbness, nerve pain and stress

  • Regaining clarity in feeling and establishing your boundaries,  not only in your pelvis, but in your life.

  • Experiencing joy, ease, pleasure and a renewed sense flow in your pelvis, and often also in your life and sex life!

  • Experiencing more appreciaton for your body, your self, your sexuality and what your needs are

How IPT® works with Informed Consent and Embodied Consent:

One of the main pillars of IPT®, and this is where we really stand out with our work, is that we work with an Informed and Embodied Consent . This means that during  our sessions a safe container is created, through a continuous communication process between you and me. I will ask you for example: "The next step could be that I could lay my hands on your tummy. Do you want me to do this?" This is the Informed Consent part, where you are informed about any next steps, and where you get to decide if you want this or not. Then when you say "Yes" (or no!), I will ask you: "Let me know when you are ready for this touch". And this is the Embodied Constent Part of IPT®. This allows you to get into a deep connection with your body, and remaining fully in charge of your own process.  This way you are your own authority and your own guide. Many find this process incredibly transforming and profoundly helps you start to feeling safe (again) in your body. And this is so important, this feeling of safety and trust, in order for healing to happen. So, 

IPT® works on several layers: 

1. Mental Layer: this is where the intake is for, to see if you really want to do take this journey. And because I make a 'report' of each session and share with you what happened, what you experienced and what you went through during our session, it gives you time and a moment to process things more deeply on a cognitive level. 

2. Physical Layer: we work with fascia stretching and with triggerpoint releases, allowing more bloodflow in the entire pelvic bowl, and this has an effect not only on your pelvis, but often on your whole body. IPT® is also very relaxing! 
3. Emotional Layer: We store emotions in our cells and in our body, and in those so called 'triggerpoints'. And with this work, they can be seen, felt, heard and given the chance to transform.
4. Energetic Layer: We are not just the body. We are so much more. Energy is everwhere, and when moving energy, you can feel a release, a feeling of "lighter" and also more "fuller" and "expansive".  
5. Spiritual Layer: Many things can shift within our Being, but also on levels we can't quite see or feel. The spiritual side of our life can also be touched by this work. Helping you find new ways to implement your experiences, and for some also profoundly change their li lives. Especially boundaries, speaking ones truth and discovering what you really want, are some amazing 'side effects' of IPT® :))). 


Intake, Sessions and Investment in your Pelvic Health:

Feel free to call me for a 15 min no-charge phone call.  There is always an intake (about 1-1.5 hours long, and you receive a thorough intake form) which you return back to me 48 hour before our first session. This way we can go over any (medical/personal/trauma)  issues you may have and would like to address for our session, and I also explain to you indepth what a session may look like and what you  may/can expect. Of course this is different for everybody, but you will get a good general idea. Then together we both can make an informed deciscion on how to proceed, what your wishes are for receiving the session, and really be sure this is the right approacht for you. After our intake, we will schedule our first session. 


I have noticed that most need  at least 3 IPT® Sessions. And to make this affordable I created a package deal for 3 sessions, or even 5. This gives you a good discount off the 'single'  IPT prices. This is also my way of encouraging you to be committed to your Pelvic Health Healing Journey,  as it will create  positive shifts inside your Body, Mind, and Being! 

Intake: $69 (around 1 to 1.5 hour) 

Single PT® Session: $220 (2 hours long)


Package Deals: 3  IPT® Sessions: $599   OR   5  IPT® Sessions: $950

(payment is upfront for package deals)

Even though I so far have only worked with cis-gender women in my practice, know that anyone with a yoni, vulva, vagina or neo-cervix is welcome. Also, please forgive any language that may be limiting in the expression/understanding of this. If you have undergone female gender affirming surgery (and thus will have scar tissue in and around your pelvis), and/or want to perhaps connect with your (new) sexuality in a deeper way, IPT® can help with this. So please feel welcome, and please feel free to call or email me with any questions. 

 My studio is a safe and sacred place, you are welcome here

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Illustrated Flower

I teach Women's Yoga Classes with focus on Heart & Pelvis.  During these classes we focus on tuning in with our bodies, our breath, our pelvic bowl and our jaws, and find a way to deep dive into our Being. These classes are an opportunity for you to slow down. To feel what you and your body need and to allow yourself to find the pace that soothes you, your body and your nervous system. I am very much into Sisterhood and my classes are geared towards bringing women together. You don't have to be physically together to feel connected! We as women have a great way of uplifting each other and ourselves when we gather in circle. Magic often is effortlessly produced! 

A NEW YEARS AFTERNOON Workshop coming up!

" An Introduction to your Pelvic Bowl "

at The Iron Cactus in Kingston! 

Saturday , Dec 31st  2-4 PM

Pelvic  Heart Yoga Classes

Class Schedule for USA is being created. Please click here to be added to the mailing list when I start.

Illustrated Flower

Yoni Steams are incredibly good for your yoni and vagina, and it is also a great way to relax your pelvic floor and connect with your pelvis in a really really soft and healing way. Your Vagina cleans itself in a natural way, but it is still very nice and supportive to do a steam once or twice a month for nourishing the membrane of the wall of vagina, release old menstrual blood and restore the natural pH in your vagina, and many more benefits. Yoni Steams are also a wonderful thing to do after birth and help restore and nurture your yoni, vagina and Womb. It is said that this helps in faster healing also. (Not to be done when you still have stitches or suffer from any yeast infections, or are having very heavy bleeding). We can also put together Yoni Steam Herbal combinations fit to your specific needs. 

Disclaimer: I am not a herbalist. And even though I have worked with some basic herbs and homeopathics my whole life, I am not a specialized herbalist, nor do I claim to be one, but I do know of herbal combinations that can be good for certain ailments, and I have used them all on myself. As always, consult your physician or ND  for more direction if need be. 

And do NOT Yoni Steam after your ovulation if you are trying to become pregnant!

Feel free to email me if you'd like to know more about benefits and contraindications.

Cost: $90 - 1 hour - this includes herbs and preparations


One of the things that truly spark my interest and my continued effort in the work I do with Women and anyone with a Vagina/Neo Womb Cervix/Gaia Ovaries/ Hysterectomy (full/partial), is the womb and ovary Wisdom every woman has. Sometimes I am asked: "I had a hysterectomy, or removal of my ovaries, can I still connect with them?" YES! Just because the actual organ is no longer there, the Energy Imprint is VERY much still present. So yes, you can definitely connect. And also women whom have had a sexual transition, they can connect with the Gaia Womb/Ovary energy within themselves also. It is all Energy! 


If you were born with a womb and ovaries at birth, your first chakra lies at the cervix of your uterus, and NOT at  sacrum level as we were told in many yoga pictures. And our 2nd chakra lies at the fundus (top) of our Womb. Is it a wonder why we can feel so so much there? Including pain, trauma, grief and abondoment, which are core issues of the 1st and 2nd chakra. This is why it is SO good and healing and powerful to work with our womb/ovary/pelvic area.  

My favorite book on this topic is by Tami Lynn Kent, author of The Wild Feminine. A book I highly recommend to any woman who wants to explore her Womb, Ovary and Pelvic Wisdom, including self massages (see below).

If you menstruate, there is the Cycle Synching Method book, created by Alisa Vitti! Cycle Synching is a wonderful tool for your health and healing in general and also for PMS, fertility, Healthy cycles, etc. The book is Flo Living by Alisa Vitti, and if you have diagnosed issues (Endometriosis, fibroids, low libido, PCOS, Menopauzal symptoms, etc) get the book by her called Woman Code. I highly recommend you get this book for your health as it can be life changing and health altering! 

The other books I recommend are "Yoni Shakti" by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and "The Tao Tantric Arts for Women" by Minke De Vos. An other amazing book is "Womb Awakening" -  Bernard and Seren Azra.

On a healing note: If you suffer from PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, inflammation of the uterus IPT is extremely helpful and I also found an herbal tea combo that can support you in combination with castor oil packs. Let's talk about what could help you.

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A wonderful way to love, support, heal and connect with yourself is by doing your own Yoni/Vagina Self Massages. When you have received a treatment from me, you will also be more capable of doing them yourself, plus I can give you a handout as well. I have created a rather extensive handout where I also added tips, suggestions and a more extensive explanation on how to do Self Massages.
Benefits of IPT® Sessions and  Self Massages are: 
  • Deeper connection with yourself and very grounding and relaxing.
  • Learning about what you feel on a deeper more conscious level
  • Understanding the anatomy of your Yoni, Vagina, Pelvis
  • Bringing Consciousness to an area that you may not be so close with
  • Increasing Cellular blood flow by stretching the fascia and so also
  • Rejuvenating and toning of your Vaginal Muscles and again, relaxing and toning the Pelvis
  • Helping with trigger points that may be present
  • Releasing of (long) held emotions or patterns
  • Receiving Wisdom from your Pelvic Bowl   
In summary:
It improves your overall pelvic muscular health, strength, and vitality, enabling these muscles to enhance their function as your core structural support. This can also increase your sensations and muscular tone in your vagina, as well as enhance sexual arousal and enjoyment.

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For more information on Integral Pelvic Therapy,

visit: https://www.integralpelvictherapy.com    

I am a member of the Integral Pelvic Therapy Association #2010 (IPTA)

I am a certified Integral Pelvic Therapy® Practitioner

I am a certified KRI® Kundalini Yoga Teacher

I am a certified Pregnancy Yoga Hatha Teacher

I am a certified Level I & II Reiki® Healer

I am also a Doterra Distributor and I make Organic Facial Creams and 
Pelvic Yoni Massage Oils and Yoni steam Herbs.

I was born and raised in The Netherlands, and moved to the US in 1999. In 2017 we moved back to The Netherlands, and that is how I found my Love for Pelvic Work and Womb Connection. When I did my training in 2018 to become an IPT Practioner, quickly after Pelvic Balancing was born!

I trained under Daphne van der Putten (clinical midwife) and Mariette Frits (Body Stress Release Therapist), founders of Integral Pelvic Therapy in The Netherlands, Amsterdam. I did their 7 months in depth training to be allowed to do this work in a safe, professional and consensual way. During our training we included teachings from many modalities and experts, including  Peter Levine and Bessel van der Kolks' effects of trauma on the body and psyche. Tami Lynns Kents' teachings, founder of Holistic Pelvic Care TM, regarding pelvic/ovary/womb wisdom and their energetic/emotional messages, and we worked deeply and extensively on the Embodied Consent model. I ended my training with a final thesis on "The connection between Dissociation and Shame due to Trauma".