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Private Womb Journeys

I offer Private Womb Journeys for those wanting a personal guide into experiencing this for the first time, or on an  ongoing basis, or as a group experience. They are amazingly profound and it is really helpful, especially when you're new to this, when someone is gently helping you discover your own Pelvic Bowl Landscape. through guiding you.

 We can do these Journeys in person or online. 


A litte more about Womb Journeys

When we work with our Pelvic Bowl Landscape and we start to connect deeper within, we get the opportunity to release, transform and re-energize old patterns, thoughts, projects and energies that no longer serve us. When doing these Journeys we can so invite exactly that what we need for ourselves, our health and emotional well being. We can work WITH our Pelvic Bowl/Womb Wisdom to ignite the lives we want for ourselves. Often when we 'dive down under' shifts happen, and we start to feel alive and open and we learn to set healthy boundaries once again. Like any meditation, yoga practice, dance class or music lession, doing Womb/Pelvic Work has the  most effect when doing regurlarly. 

We do not have to have a physical Womb to experience the profound wisdom that lies in our Pelvic Bowl. These Journeys, just like the IPT sessions, are for anyone with a Womb/Cervix/Neo Cervix/New Womb.


These Zoom Sessions are about 90 min long. I will talk about the importance of  connecting with our Pelvic Bowl and our Womb, and how it can help support you. We will also do a gentle yoga flow, with focus on your heart and pelvis/womb. This flow is really to get you into your body, but in a very soft and intuitive way. We do a relaxation afterwards, and then we drop into the Guided Pelvic Bowl/Womb Journey. This Journey is about 30-40  min long, after which you will get time to integrate, and afterwards there will be time for some sharing and questions as well. 

These Journey Sessions are $150, and you can bring a Sister Friend along for $20 extra, up to 9 people. I want to keep these groups small as to allow for sharing and connecting. We can add a "Theme" for the Journey as well. Just let me know what you'd like the focus to be. 

For an In Person Private Womb Journey session,  I can accomodate only 1 person at a time at my healing space

Email me to set up your Private Session by clicking here. Or call me at 774-541-0778.

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