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Integral Pelvic Therapy®

IPT® is a safe and accessible therapeutic form of bodywork, specifically designed for Women and those whom have a vulva/yoni/vagina.

IPT® is a gentle and complementary form of bodywork that focuses on restoring health and natural balance in the pelvis. Through IPT® sessions, we utilize specialized techniques to enhance cellular flow in the pelvic area. These techniques can be applied externally on the vulva or internally in the vagina/pelvic floor to improve pelvic muscle health, strength, and overall vitality. And know that external or internal massages are optional, and that amazing progress is still achieved without these.

IPT® is distinct from regular Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy (PFPT). While both work on the Pelvic Bowl's muscles, fascia, and tissue, IPT® goes beyond, including all different aspects of our Being (see below for more info). And with over 35 years of healing and bodywork experience, I create a powerful healing space during our IPT® sessions that will impact your well-being across all the layers IPT® addresses. 

How do we begin the IPT Journey: 

We begin with an in-depth intake where we go over any (medical/emotional/physical) issues that may present itself for you, and then after this we schedule our first session.


During our first IPT meeting, I'll lead you into relaxation and guide you on a deep journey into your pelvis and reproductive organs. This is a crucial first step in your healing journey and self-discovery because connecting with your Pelvic Bowl also includes connecting with our reproductive organs. They hold a wealth of information and often store different emotions. And even if they've been physically removed, their energetic presence and wisdom are still very much accessible. This process is gentle, empowering, and endearing, allowing you to connect with your body and pelvic bowl, and can provide insight into your inner wisdom and the potential causes of your pelvic issues.


In the first session, we usually don't perform an external or internal pelvic massage; we typically introduce external massage in the second session and internal massage in the third session. We prioritize a slow and gentle approach, providing the safety and relaxation your body needs to let go and heal.

Integral Pelvic Therapy Sessions: 

I understand that the idea of pelvic/vaginal massage can be intimidating and make you feel vulnerable, given the personal nature of this experience. It's natural to have reservations, especially if you've had boundaries crossed in the past. However, it's essential to acknowledge that this discomfort can be a powerful reason to embark on this healing journey, as it can offer vital support in addressing past trauma and regaining self-empowerment. Starting slowly and with your full consent, the sessions naturally progress, and the women I've worked with often anticipate their second session for the massage experience.


So, that being said, let's look at how IPT could support you: 

  • Heavy PMS.

  • Releasing heavy emotions stored in your pe

  • Numb feeling or pain during sex ​.

  • Insensitivity in/or around the pelvis.

  • Chronic bladder infections.

  • Chronic Pelvic Pain (such as Vulvodynia, Vestibulodynia, Vaginismus, Dyspareunia).

  • Sexual trauma/Birthing Trauma/Trauma after an accident/surgery/any violation of your boundaries.

  • Organ prolapse (which can be addressed and sometimes healed depending on the degree or prolapse).

  • Fascia limitations due to scar tissue in and around the pelvic area (also belly birth scars, and any pelvic surgery).

  • Hysterectomy/oophorectomy  (partial or full) - and wanting to work with the pelvis after removal.

  • Jaw problems/Teeth Grinding/Pain in jaw (Jaw, Feet and Pelvis are connected via the "The Deep Frontal Line". So if jaw is tight, pelvis will be too most of the time, and often also some ankle or feet issues may arise)

  • A disconnect with your body/pelvis/heart/life..

  • Are dealing with Peri-Menopausal symptoms (dryness, prolapse, less sensations, less libido, pain during sex, etc).

  • Fears in relation to your own sexual pleasure/your body/or (any kind of) sexual intimacy.

IPT® may also support you towards: 

  • Reconnecting with your pelvis and the sensations that live there.

  • A feeling of spacioussness in your body especially in your pelvis.

  • Regaining clarity in feeling and establishing your boundaries,  not only in your pelvis, but in your life. 

  • Deeply feeling your Yes and your No.

  • Experiencing joy, ease, pleasure and a renewed sense flow in your pelvis, and often also in your life and sex life.

  • Experiencing more appreciaton for your body, your self, your sexuality and what your needs are.

  • Feeling more grounded, alive and energized and an overal new curiosity in what makes you tick and feel happy.

How IPT® works with Informed Consent and Embodied Consent:

A core aspect of IPT® that sets it apart is our practice of "Informed and Embodied Consent." This means we establish a safe space through ongoing communication. For instance, I might say, "I could place my hands on your tummy next. Would you like me to do this?" This is the Informed Consent part, ensuring you're aware of the next steps and then you can decide. Once you say "Yes" (or no), I'll ask, "Let me know when you're ready for this touch," which embodies your consent. This process fosters a deep connection with your body, putting you in control of your journey and helping you feel safe within your body. Many find this process alone very transformative and empowering.

IPT® works on several layers: 

  • Mental Layer: The intake helps you decide if this journey is right for you. Session reports offer a cognitive level of reflection.

  • Physical Layer: We focus on fascia stretching and trigger point releases, promoting blood flow throughout the pelvic bowl. IPT® is deeply relaxing.

  • Emotional Layer: Emotions are stored in our cells and trigger points. This work allows emotions to be acknowledged, felt, and transformed.

  • Energetic Layer: We are more than just our bodies. Working with energy can lead to a sense of release and expansion.

  • Spiritual Layer: IPT® can bring shifts on unseen levels, influencing boundaries, speaking one's truth, and discovering desires, leading to life-changing experiences.

While my practice has predominantly involved cis-gender women, it's important to note that all  people with yonis, vulvas, vaginas, or neo-vaginas are warmly invited. If you've undergone female gender affirming surgery (which results in scar tissue in and around the pelvis) and /or you wish to explore a deeper connection with your (new) sexuality, IPT® can offer  beautiful support in this journey. Please know that you are welcome here,

and don't hesitate to reach out via phone or email if you have any inquiries.

My office is a safe and inclusive space.

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A little hello and intro to IPT
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The Womb Healing Room at my home office
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