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Belly and/or Fertility Massages
for circulation, scar tissue, fertility issues, improving digestion, loosening fasciae adhesions, 
and centering yourself.

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Belly/Abdomen Massages for Women:

These Belly Massages offer benefits for digestion, bloating, and issues with your lower back and sacrum. They're also excellent for grounding and centering yourself. We can tailor the massages to enhance reproductive organ flow for fertility concerns or target Psoas/Iliac muscle issues. These muscles are critical in addressing various problems, including low back pain, pelvic pain, sacral pain, tight belly, hip pain, and bladder issues.

I offer specific Fertility Massages to support and increase circulation around the womb and ovaries, also targetting the intestines, liver and spleen, so releasing fascia inhibitions and blockages around the reproductive organs that may potentially prevent conceiving. A majority of people not being able to conceive is due to blocked fallopion tubes. Other common issues are PCOS, Endometrioses and lack of circulation. Fertility Massages can help with releasing blockages and increasing circulation and well being. Of course we cannot give a conception guarantee, but these massages are very good for improving circulation and working with fasciea adhesions around the reproductive area as well as intestines, liver and spleen,  and thus also moving stagnant energy. After your first session, you will be able to do these at home as well. You can also have them done by me, if you like that (it is a nice treat!), and we can come up with a package price for you. 


I do highly recommend we add IPT to these belly/fertility massage sessions as well, as there is often a deeper layer that would like to be addressed, and when we include vaginal massages as well, we can release fascia around the ovaries and uterus internally also. After our session you will be able to continue these massages on your own, and we shall use Castor Oil  as well (unless contra indicated). 

With over 30 years of experience  in Hatha/Raja and Kundalini, Yoga Tai Chi, and Tao practices, 35+ years of a personal  healing practice, and a background as a prenatal/regular masseuse, I've mastered the Belly/Abdomen Massages over the years. I  am  also a certified fertility abdomen/belly/ovary/womb masseuse as well. adding the massage techniques by Hethir Rodriquez to my knowledge. She is an herbalist and fertility specialist.  Her website is a wealth of info on natural fertility and IUV. Click here for more info.

Drawing from personal experience as someone with Celiac disease and gut issues, and knowing a lot about natural holistic care and supplementations, I can also offer insights on diet, supplements, and addressing digestive concerns and more.

Belly Massages are very effective, especially when done on a regular basis. And after a session with me you are able to do them for yourself as well.

Sessions are about 60 min - $99. 

Note: We do not do belly massages when your menstruating or think you are pregnant.

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