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Belly/Abdomen Massages

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Belly/Abdomen Massages for Women:

These massages are beneficial for concerns with your digestion, bloating, and/or low back/sacrum problems, but they are also very good for centering yourself and getting grounded. With these massages we can also address Psoas/Illiac muscle tendencies/stresses/issues, and especially release tension in these two muscle groups that run through the pelvis. Problems with your Psoas Muscle can be low back pain, pelvic pain, sacral pain, tight belly, hip pain, bladder issuses, etc. So working with them can address many problems. 


Many women love the effects of these massages, as the effects of them are quickly palpable and create also a deep sense of release and relief.

I've mastered Belly/Abdomen Massage through Kundalini, Tai Chi, and Tao practices, 15+ years as a masseuse, teaching self-massage to women, workshops, and 20+ years of personal practice. My approach integrates Tao principles and intuition to locate stagnant energy.

Best done before getting up in the morning, these massages center you, enhance energy flow, and alleviate abdominal and intestinal stagnation for improved digestion. They release fascia around reproductive organs, easing stress in the low back, hips, and buttocks. Regular practice yields swift results.

I can also do Belly Massages to increase fertility and conception. Of course there is no guarantee, but I can do this massage with you, and then you can continue on your own. I highly recommend you add IPT as well and Yoni Steams. 

With personal experience as a Celiac and managing gut issues, I provide insights on diet, supplements, and addressing digestive concerns.

Belly Massages are very effective, especially when done on a regular basis. 


We do not do belly massages when your menstruating or are (thinking you are ) pregnant.

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