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Intuitive/Reiki Healings

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The Intuive Healings:  When working on you I will move around your body, and start feeling and sensing what you need. I may lay my hands on certain areas of your body, may ask you to breathe down into certain place, I may also move stuck energy by working with my hands and massaging a part of your body, all in accordance to what you and your body are asking.

When I work with you, you will lay down on a table and I will sit next to you and start tuning in with you and your body. Perhaps I'll ask you to move over so I can work with the back of your body too, it all depends on what come up. I may smudge you, use stones, or sprays, and sometimes sounds may come up that will help clear an area I'm working with. We can work on certain issues you're dealing with as well, and incorporate them into the session.

I've been a healer for over 30 years, I have a Reiki degree, a degree in an old indian modality called Sat Nam Rasayan. I understand the body, and how they are connected with our emotions, but when working on you I may hear "messages" or hear things, and when something comes up, I will absolutely share it with you. If I feel a certain breathing meditation or chanting can be beneficial for you, I will also let you know. 

Sessions will last 45-60 min - $149. 

Long Distance Sessions: $80 - 40-45 min with a write up via email

These Intuive Healings are for those who feel they can use some support in clearing energy, moving and calibrating their body, and wanting to feel a sense of peace and relaxation.

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