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Deep Pelvic Balancing and Release Work

  • 2 hours
  • 220 US dollars
  • Plaistow

Service Description

IPT® is here to support you in deeply connecting you with You. It is really about empowering you to reclaim your body back, your feelings, and your power, and also to be more present with your sensations in this area and thus getting the chance to feeling more alive and vital there. We work with a deep form or Embodied Consent. Every time we move to an other area, we check if feels right for you. Right for you in your heart, head and whole body. Then, and only then, shall we proceed. And any time during a session you can stop it. This is about YOU.. you being in complete charge of your process and allowing yourself to feel what you are ready to feel. IPT® can be triggering. It can loosen up old memories. You can feel very vulnerable when this happens and so it is important to remember, that we are together in this Process, You are never alone. We will work through what you are feeling, and together create the Safe Space. The space where you can be allowed to feel, and also allowed to process and feel a release. This is empowering, softening and healing. IPT® works on several layers: 1. Physical Layer: we work with fascia stretching and with triggerpoints can be released so allowing more bloodflow and new release of energy 2. Emotional Layer: We store emotions in our cells, in our body. And with this work, they can be released. 3. Energetic Layer: We are not just the body. We are so much more. Energy is everwhere, and when moving this energy, you can feel a lot of release, a feeling of "lighter" more "fuller". A lot of women come of the table with a beautiful soft glow :) 4. Spiritual Layer: Since we are all connected, sometimes certain family pattern, or habits are stuck in our system, and with Pelvic Balancing we can let them go. A session is about 2 hours. And during this time you will be present and asked to breathe and feel what you feel. This is not a wellness massage where you 'disappear', we want you to stay in your body and aware of the proces. I will guide you through this the whole time. I will ask you every time when we are about to touch a different part of your pelvis if you really want that and then I ask you also 'when do you want" this. The reason for me asking every time if you want it and really want it, is because that is how you become very connected and also in charge of what you want and don't want. This is very important in healing and feeling safe in your own Body.

Contact Details

  • Plaistow, NH, USA


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