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Book Your Intake and/or Session

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FREE INTAKE SESSIONS: March 20th - April 15th


Intake (1-1.5 hour):   $69 --> $0 March 20th-April 15th! 

Before our session, there's an intake (lasting about 1-1.5 hours) that I'll email to you. This initial meeting serves multiple purposes: we get to know each other, I can learn about any concerns or important (personal/medical) details, and this then helps me to support you as effectively as I can. Intakes also offers you a glimpse of what a session might involve and what to expect afterward, and so connecting the dots in your mind. And the intake is a wonderful way to start getting to know each other and to start this  journey, and so allowing your head, heart, and mind to get ready to embark on this process together.

After you've booked your intake, I will email you a Google intake form. that you can fill out Or you can download it here and scan it and email it back to me or post it in the mail. Click here for pdf. 

Integral Pelvic Therapy (2 hour sessions):

* First/Single IPT Session: $ 220

* Package of 3 Sessions:   $ 600 (You can buy this deal right away, or after your first IPT session - no expiration date.)

* Package of 5 Sessions:   $ 950  (idem)

* Follow up Sessions:         $ 149  (60-75 min) , only available if you've had at least 4 full IPT sessions with me prior)

After you've had your intake you can book your IPT Session either here online or with me right after the intake. 

You will need to sign a Consent Form and bring it with you to your first IPT session. Click Here for the Form

** have noticed that most need at least three to five IPT® Sessions. And to make this affordable, I created a package deal for this option.

Pelvic Bowl Journeys:

* Pelvic Bowl Jouney Online (75-90 min): $ 99 per person

* Add a Sister to the group: $21 person

* In person Private Journey at my Healing Place: $149

Yoni Steam Options:

* Yoni Steam Herbal Combo with short intake. You pick up your

herbal combo or I mail it to you: $39 + Shipping (email me for this

option, as shipping cost my vary, and so I can't create a generic 'buy' option).

Yoni Steam.jpg

Opening Hours

Tue ~ Wed ~Thu ~ Fri:

11.00 am - 3:30 pm

More Info:

Discounted pricing is available for Single Mothers and BIPOC, you may choose what discount works for you up to 45% off for IPT sessions, and up to 30% off for other services.

Package Deals are meant to be paid in advance.


And please be mindful of each others time, in doing so, I require at least a 24 hour notice of cancellation. 

Please contact me or if you have more questions, or call me for a 15 Min Free Intro Chat.

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