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Intake and Investment in your Pelvic Health: 

Feel free to call me for a 15 min no-charge phone call.  There is always an intake (about 1-1.5 hours long), and you will receive a thorough intake form.  This way we can go over any (medical/personal/trauma)  issues you may have and would like to address for our session, and I also explain to you indepth what a session may look like and what you  may/can expect. Of course this is different for everybody, but you will get a good general idea. Then together we both can make an informed deciscion on how to proceed, what your wishes are for receiving the session, and really be sure this is the right approacht for you. After we've had our intake, we will then schedule your first session. 

I have noticed that most need at least three IPT® Sessions. And to make this affordable, I created a package deal for 3 sessions, or even 5. This gives you a good discount off the 'single'  IPT prices. This is also my way of encouraging you to be committed to your Pelvic Health Healing Journey,  as it will create  positive shifts inside your Body, Mind, and Being.   

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 11.00 am - 3:00 pm

Sat by special request only

Sun Closed

More Info:

Let me know if you would like me to send you a quote for your IPT sessions, or other Services. I have package deals available which gives you a better deal of the 'single session' prices.

Package Deals are meant to be paid in advance.

Discounted pricing is available for Single Mothers, you may choose what discount works for you up to 40% off.

And please be mindful of each others time, in doing so, I require at least a 36 hour notice of cancellation. 

Note: I am not a regular Physical Therapist (PT), and therefor do not accept Insurance.

Below is a Email form you can fill out for me to contact you, or if you have more questions.

Thanks for submitting!

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