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Facial Butter & Yoni Oil

Organic Based Self Care for your Yoni and your Face! 

I have always had a Love for Creams and Oils and Potions, and when I was looking for a pure, healthy, nourishing and deeply soothing cream for my face, I decided my best bet was to make it myself. So I did!


The Facial Butter  is a rich blend of Shea Butter, Cacao Butter, Coconut Oil & Calendula oil (I can also use Almond Oil upon request). Then I added Neroli Oil and Carrot Seed Oils to them for the more mature skin. These essential oils are amazing and really nourish deeply. 

The Yoni Healing Oil has Organic St. Johns' Wort and Organic Calendula Oil. These oils are known for their anti-inflammatory and deep healing qualities of skin and nerves. They are great for using as a daily nourishing oil, lubricant while making love, or when you are dealing with some rashes, pain, or sensitivity in your Yoni.  Look at the Yoni Steam Tab for more Yoni Care!


To place an order simply email me at or send me request via the contact form. Be sure to add your shipping address. I will let you know what the shipping cost is and then I will send you either a Venmo, Paypal link or you can mail me a check. Whatever works for you! 


Facial Butter, 2oz.   $24.99

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Yoni Healing Oil, 1 oz   $15

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