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I will be creating an Workshop Series called "Unveiling the Magic". This workshop will allow us to deep dive into our Pelvic Bowl and discover on all levels what Secrets and Magic she holds for us, and at the end you will be able to do your own Yoni Self Massages at home. We will be talking about the following topics: 

  • Anatomy: our internal organs in our pelvic bowl, muscles, nerves, ligaments and how to be able to notice when something may feel out of alignment and what you can do and when you need to go to a professional.

  • Jaw/Feet/Diaphragm Pelvic Bowl Connection: and how you can support yourself into connecting those parts of your body to create more balance. in your body/pelvic bowl and heart

  • The Heart ~ Womb Link: according to the old Chinese Medicine System, the heart and womb are connected via 2 meridians and on an energetic level the link is palpable too!

  • Female Concerns: pms/dryness/yeast infections/BV/vulvo/vestibodynia/etc

  • Cycle Synching and Peri Menopause: how to use food/excercise/supplements to create and encourage balance

  • Magickal  Wisdom: Each organ has their own wisdom, and for the female born pelvis, our Womb and Ovaries are the true Magical ones that hold an enormous amount of practical Mystery that we can use in our daily life. 

  • Yoni Self Massages: so you are able to take the practice home and keep connecting with your Pelvic Bowl, Womb and Ovaries.

  • Womb River Heart Meditation: a beautiful meditation by Uma Dinsmore from her book Yoni Shakti

  • And of course there will be time for sharing and asking questions as well!


NOTE: This will be a sacred Circle and you will need to be able to hold yourself and manage triggers or anything that may come up. We will be touching and working on/in/and around our vulva and vagina, and if that is uncomfortable for you, or scary or not something you like to do, then this course is not yet for you. This course goes deep within, literally. So it's important you are comfortable with touching yourself. Ofcourse some hesitance is okay, as this is a vulnerable area, but like I said, it is going to be up to you to be able to hold yourself.


And if you would like to become more familiar and comfortable with your Pelvis, Vulva, Vagina and Womb/Ovaries and start connecting with your body in a deep safe way, contact me! I can help you get there for sure! 


Email me if you want to be notified about the release dates

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