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Womb Wisdom


One of the things that truly spark my interest and my continued effort in the work I do with Women and anyone with a Vagina/Neo Womb Cervix/Gaia Ovaries/ Hysterectomy (full/partial), is the womb and ovary Wisdom every woman has. Sometimes I am asked: "I had a hysterectomy, or removal of my ovaries, can I still connect with them?" YES! Just because the actual organ is no longer there, the Energy Imprint is VERY much still present. So yes, you can definitely connect. And also women whom have had a sexual transition, they can connect with the Gaia Womb/Ovary energy within themselves also. It is all Energy! 


If you were born with a womb and ovaries at birth, your first chakra lies at the cervix of your uterus, and NOT at  sacrum level as we were told in many yoga pictures. And our 2nd chakra lies at the fundus (top) of our Womb. Is it a wonder why we can feel so so much there? Including pain, trauma, grief and abondoment, which are core issues of the 1st and 2nd chakra. This is why it is SO good and healing and powerful to work with our womb/ovary/pelvic area.  

My favorite book on this topic is by Tami Lynn Kent, author of The Wild Feminine. A book I highly recommend to any woman who wants to explore her Womb, Ovary and Pelvic Wisdom, including self massages (see below).

If you menstruate, there is the Cycle Synching Method book, created by Alisa Vitti! Cycle Synching is a wonderful tool for your health and healing in general and also for PMS, fertility, Healthy cycles, etc. The book is Flo Living by Alisa Vitti, and if you have diagnosed issues (Endometriosis, fibroids, low libido, PCOS, Menopauzal symptoms, etc) get the book by her called Woman Code. I highly recommend you get this book for your health as it can be life changing and health altering! 

The other books I recommend are "Yoni Shakti" by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and "The Tao Tantric Arts for Women" by Minke De Vos. An other amazing book is "Womb Awakening" -  Bernard and Seren Azra.

On a healing note: If you suffer from PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, inflammation of the uterus IPT is extremely helpful and I also found an herbal tea combo that can support you in combination with castor oil packs. Let's talk about what could help you.

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