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Recources for your Pelvic, Personal
and Sexual Health

Below some Recources that may be helpful for you on your personal pelvic health journey. I know it is hard to find practitioners that hold your health in very high regards. But below are some  Organizations that do just that. Know that I have not met them personally, but I have been following them on Instagram for a while now. 

  1. ISSWSH - International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health -

    • If you need a Pelvic Exam, or get a proper diagnoses, the organization International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH), has a proper Provider Search list. I found 4 providers that are in MA. I could not find any in NH. Being on this list means they are vetted and keep your care in high regards.  

    • For a providers search, click here.

  2. ISSVD - International Society for the Study of Vulvar Disease - Vulvadynia Education and Research: click here 

  3. NVA - National Vulvodynia Association: click here

  4. Holistic Personal and Family Care: This is a husband and wife duo with a massive amount of knowledge from all kinds of holistic modalities, such as herbalism, accupuncture, ayervdeda, homoepathy and cranial sacral therapy.

  5. Ayervedic Massages, Regular Massages and Sauna:

  6. Bio Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) : I am on her BHRT program (I am 51 yo and going thru peri-menopause, and I am very satisfied with her program, and I get great support and unlimited acces to a nurse as well.)

  7. Bio Identical Estrogen/DHEA Cream: you can find this also from the Glow Natural Wellness site here. I know that when we deal with dryness, frequent UTI's, pain, and have been on birth control for a long time, estrogen and testosterone can become depleted, and this can cause pain, rashes, fissures and UTI's. Estrogen cream is key for frequent UTI's and urinary frequency. DHEA is great for lubrication and libido. Check out the link to see which one is best for you. They can be used together as well on a daily basis.

  8. Natural and Safe Lubricants:

  9. Vulvar Skin Care:

  10. For Menopausal Support: a lot of very good recourses.

  11. If you want to find a great woman owned Yoga Centre, with salt room, infra red sauna, and great gifts, I reccommend The Iron Cactus in Kingston,NH: or you can take a private class with me if you want a peronalized tailored class for yourself, and/or on zoom with your friends.

  12. Sites to Explore your Desires, Sexuality, Juicyness, and Sensuality - I am a big FAN OF PLEASURE  and you enjoying and owning your pleasure. 

    1. Oh My God Yes - to experience more pleasure: click here

    2. Pleasure Toys for Women: click here 

    3. Pleasure Project:lots of recourses: click here

  13. Deeping your own Sexuality and your Relationship with and to Sex, and Deepening the relationship with your Womb and yourself

  • Yoni Shakti - Uma Dinsmore Tuli

  • Tao Arts for Women - Minke De Vos​

  • Slow Sex - Diane Richardson

  • Tantra for Men - Diane and Michael Richardson

  • She Comes First - by Ian Rekner

  • Quidoushka - Amara Charles, this book is from the Native Nagal Traditions, and is about learning what type of vulva and penisses there are and what they like! Very interesting and definately a ancient way of exploring your sexuality.

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